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Just in time for the many sunny days ahead, here's my latest project I've been working on to get my screened in patio "summer ready." Now, we live in a rental, which means a lot of working with what we have & a lot of command tape as well. But with some TLC, a little DIY, and a few runs to the store, our patio is an amazing outdoor hangout space for the summer. 
I am trying to bring more blues into our interior decor so I decided that was the color I was going to emphasize on the exterior as well. The rug was a no brainer- it was my absolute favorite of all the Target rugs I scoped out. The coffee table I made from FREE palettes, a can of exterior high gloss white paint, and a paint brush. Thats it! Stack em' and you've got a $15 coffee table. I think the biggest impact on an outdoor space is plants and lighting. If you've got some great greenery and ambiance you've got a great hangout in my opinion. I drove down to the local grocery store and bought some cheap plants for the planters. I ordered string lighting from Amazon and hung it with outdoor command hooks. Finished off the look with some Ikea curtains, and there you have it, my nightly glass of red wine awaits! 
*While I can't recreate this exact look for you due to some trash picking & DIYing, anything I could not find a link to I posted a similar option below!*


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