Ikea Kallax Bedside Table

Fourteenth Floor bedroom bedside table ikea storage target

Last week I shared a bit about my bedroom and the mood board I made before buying things for my tiny space. Well, lets just say the cute little bedside table I originally had my eye on did not work out when I realized how many things I was moving from my bigger bedroom vs how much storage I now had in my tiny bedroom. I needed a practical solution, without putting a second bulky 3 drawer dresser in. I found this Ikea Kallax Storage Cube Styling article via Pinterest. I knew it would be the perfect solution for me. I took inspiration from this photo and added in my style with wood tones and a few different textured pieces to get it lookin' just right for my room. 
The one thing I had trouble with was art for the frames. I ALWAYS have trouble with picking art! Like- it takes me years of searching to find something I love, and typically when I do, its original art and $$$$. Which is not practical for me since I am always changing things around in my bedroom. However, I fall in love daily with different fabrics. Textiles are artwork and can make beautiful, inexpensive, pieces for your home. Start with the frame you want to use. I used a frame without a matte, and cut white poster board to size of the frame. I cut the fabric and placed it on top of the cut poster board piece and then into the frame. I did this because I wanted the frayed edges of the fabric to show and give some added texture. However, you could totally put the fabric behind a matte for nice clean edges. And there you have it- fun, inexpensive art to hang on your walls! 
I love this Ikea Kallax Cube and it has provided me with so much storage for things like socks, toiletries, and electronics. I have linked all items I used from the picture below (with the exception of the brass bowl & wicker box bought at a vintage market) at the end of this post.  

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