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Fourteenth Floor
This past summer 2018, two years after graduating college, I finally decided it was time to stop living with (*taking advantage of*) my mom and dad and move out on my own with some friends of mine. I never planned on living with my parents for that long after graduation, but shortly after starting Fourteenth Floor and diving head first into being a business owner, moving out became far from a reality or a priority of mine. However, when my friends mentioned they were trying to lease out their small home office/guest room/storage room to contribute to the rent they were paying, I jumped right on it. After all, if anyone can make a small space work, it's a small space business owner. Its like the tiny room was calling my name and I was so ready for it. 

When I signed the lease, the room was tan and navy (side note: don't paint a small space a dark color unless you want to feel like you're in a dungeon.. which I love on Sunday mornings, but hello blackout curtains.) I asked the landlord to paint the room Sherwin Williams Arcade White  to which he kindly agreed and I got right to it within the first two weeks of move in. 

If you know me, you know my style is white and wood tones. There is truly nothing better than a bright and airy space. Don't get me wrong, I love color. But over the years I've come to realize that when the seasons change, my style changes, and I want to change everything. This became no bueno for my wallet. So I ALWAYS make my basics and furniture neutral, and then add in color with pillows, art, and accessories so that I can make quick changes whenever I feel like it. 
Fourteenth Floor
This was the mood board that I made for my room before I started buying everything, just to get a feel for how I wanted it to look finished. Now I knew that I was going to be using a different (but SUPER similar) dresser, as I have an antique dresser from our old beach house. So I linked one below that I would totally 100% buy if I didn't already have one. The bedside table also got changed out, as I realized I needed more storage space for my tiny room. I will be doing another blog post on that ikea hack next week. My day bed also includes two drawers for storage and doubles as a pull out twin bed if I have a friend spending the weekend. Besides that, most items stayed if not the exact same very similar and I added in some items as I went that I preowned to fill the room.  

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