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Budget Patio Style

Caroline Ryan diy homegoods ikea lighting outdoor patio summer target

Just in time for the many sunny days ahead, here's my latest project I've been working on to get my screened in patio "summer ready." Now, we live in a rental, which means a lot of working with what we have & a lot of command tape as well. But with some TLC, a little DIY, and a few runs to the store, our patio is an amazing outdoor hangout space for the summer.  BEFORE   AFTER I am trying to bring more blues into our interior decor so I decided that was the color I was going to emphasize on the...

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Ikea Kallax Bedside Table

Fourteenth Floor bedroom bedside table ikea storage target

Last week I shared a bit about my bedroom and the mood board I made before buying things for my tiny space. Well, lets just say the cute little bedside table I originally had my eye on did not work out when I realized how many things I was moving from my bigger bedroom vs how much storage I now had in my tiny bedroom. I needed a practical solution, without putting a second bulky 3 drawer dresser in. I found this Ikea Kallax Storage Cube Styling article via Pinterest. I knew it would be the perfect solution for me. I took inspiration from...

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Small Space Living

Fourteenth Floor blog ikea mood board my bedroom small space target

This past summer 2018, two years after graduating college, I finally decided it was time to stop living with (*taking advantage of*) my mom and dad and move out on my own with some friends of mine. I never planned on living with my parents for that long after graduation, but shortly after starting Fourteenth Floor and diving head first into being a business owner, moving out became far from a reality or a priority of mine. However, when my friends mentioned they were trying to lease out their small home office/guest room/storage room to contribute to the rent they were paying,...

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