Fourteenth Floor Interiors prices shown are in US dollars and are exclusive of taxes. Appropriate sales tax will be charged on orders shipped within the United States based on shipment destination. Tax is applied to taxable products only and not to shipping charges.



Fourteenth Floor has taken every effort to ensure that the description, price and specifications of its products are correct at the time of publishing and that the reproduction of color is as accurate as the photographic and production processes will allow. Many of our textiles are designed in watercolor, meaning that they are extremely textured designs when reproduced. Fourteenth Floor Interiors cannot accept any responsibility for variations in color caused by the browser software or computer system used by the customer. Fourteenth Floor Interiors reserves the right to change, without notice, the details of the product on this site, including, but not limited to; photos, prices, colors, sizes and availability. We recommend requesting a swatch via email if you are not sure of your purchase.


For any additional questions please contact Fourteenth Floor Interiors by email at info@fourteenthfloorinteriors.com.